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A New Brand Takes Flight

Society Studios has developed a new brand identity for HAWK that positions the fire suppression company as an innovator in its field. The identity encompasses a new brand strategy, name and messaging, and a website that’s currently in development. We collaborated closely with senior team and stakeholders at HAWK, ensuring the new brand articulated the company’s objectives for growth. The brand strategy presents HAWK as a dynamic disruptor, a special organisation and an industry pioneer.

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Along with the visual framework, the Society Studios team worked on developing a verbal identity, including the name “HAWK” which eloquently communicates the organisation’s reactive and astute approach. 

Just like the name, Society Studios wanted the branding to be clear and precise with a visual personality that was dynamic and attention-grabbing. To do this, we created a custom wordmark that is graphically powerful, with extended interlinked typography inspired by connectivity, genomic sequencing and data analysis, but still feels warm and human. HAWK’s clients are typically staid institutional profiles, so to deviate from the expected, we adopted a bold approach to colour. The fluorescent orange draws inspiration from high viability clothing traditionally worn within the rail industry – HAWK’s main sector of operation.

The Society Studios team also created a graphical framework inspired by map grids which can now be utilised in eye-catching covers for HAWK's reports, presentations and key findings documents. Rather than treating these executions like conventional white papers, the grid system establishes a more editorial design that can be scaled up and cropped to typographic details—to suggest looking closely at issues—with colour applied for graphic impact. Brand photography is shot from an aerial perspective to further reinforce HAWK's constant over-watching presence for its clients.