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Encapsulating the Big Apple Experience

Inspired by a trend-spotting trip to New York, Arc Inspirations wanted to encapsulate their big apple experiences in a new bar and restaurant concept. As one of our longest standing clients, we were naturally the first port of call.

  • Branding
  • Interiors
  • Menus
  • Photography
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Bars & Restaurants

The branding looked to vintage typography, industrial architecture, and contemporary art and culture to develop a strong visual identity for the bar. 

Working with the team at Arc we began to draw inspiration from the history, architecture and culture of down town Manhattan.

We juxtaposed industrial heritage against modern luxury, mixing pattern, texture, and materials to create an authentic taste of New York.

The launch was supported with an extensive press and social media campaign with pop-up street events that included themed give-aways of coffee and donuts to morning commuters and an New York taxi touring the streets of Leeds city centre.

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