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The Box, Arc Inspirations’ hugely successful sports bar concept, was moving from Headingley into Leeds city centre. Our brief was to reimagine the brand, broadening its appeal for daytime drinking and as a late-night venue for students, city workers and residents, ensuring female drinkers would feel welcome too. We set out to change people’s perceptions of what a traditional sports bar could look and feel like. 

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  • Interiors
  • Menus
  • Photography
  • Signage
  • Web Design
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The identity used stylised typography and a mature, muted colour palette of burnt orange and olive green, reminiscent of the building’s past as a bank. 

We evolved the branding to create a grown-up version of the original well-loved student venue. Making it sit better with the new site in the financial district of Leeds. 

The stylish bar has mixed textures of bespoke wall cladding and exposed brick. Screens show live sports, while shuffleboards and fresh tank beer create a relaxed atmosphere.

Our mature and sophisticated look, across both the new website and the full suite of printed collateral, repositioned the Box for the ever-changing city bar scene. 

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